Haines House

TOPS had exclusive access from the owner of the property to conduct investigations at this location between 2002 and 2010. The house eventually caught fire sometime after 2012 and the house was demolished and the land bought by a company.

The original story, or legend, here is that the 1930’s, a husband came home one evening and murdered his wife and 3 of 5 children before hanging himself in the attic. We could never find any articles about it but when asking the Hominy Police Department a few officers said they had heard the same story. They did help us get in touch with one of the surviving relatives who still owned the property. While he never went into details, he did say the incident did take place but did not want to discuss it. The house was last occupied by renters who left in the mid 80’s while leaving a lot of their belongings behind.

We’ve conducted many investigations throughout the years here and used this location as our training for new investigators. We’ve included some of our best evidence below.



One of the son’s names was Howard, and we caught an EVP of what sounds like a female voice saying “Howard”. We think this might be the mother calling out to her son. You hear a member saying “Someone’s been sleeping in here and shit” then someone else say “well duh” then the EVP saying Howard.

"I got to Piss. Please Get Out of the Room"

In the bathroom, we caught a humorous EVP that suggests this spirit might have been gun shy to use the bathroom!

"Let Her Be Still"

This is our first EVP ever! (This investigation was done back in 2004.) You can hear one of our members say that he had gotten a chill, then another member says “Yeah it’s cold in here”. Then you hear a little girl’s voice clearly say “Let her be still”. We don’t know what this means but it is a Class A EVP.

"I Died"

“I died” can be heard at the beginning, underneath the investigator’s voice.






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