Hissom Memorial Center

This is a now torn down asylum and mental hospital for children. There were a slew of lawsuits filed against Hissom that ultimately lead to it’s downfall and closure due to abuse, neglect and mistreatment of the patients. We investigated several times and yielded many results.



You can hear a strong male voice whisper “no” very loudly and then an investigator say they heard it, and say it was an EVP.


In this part, you can hear us trying to mildly provoke a spirit to make contact. One investigator mimics the sound of a chicken, then sounds like a cat meowing and us all reacting to the sound because we heard it. There were no animals on the property.

"I Love You"

About half way through this EVP, you can hear a male voice say “I… Love… You…” spaced out.

"What's Your Problem"

You hear our investigators talking in the distance and about half way through you hear a faint male voice say “What’s your problem?”


While the group is talking, you can hear a faint whisper which sounds like “Jeff”.



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