Private South Tulsa Residence

This was a residential case we did in south Tulsa back in 2012. Although the house had been built only 7 years prior, there was plenty of activity. With newly built places, you don’t always know the prior history of the land, and residual energy could take place. Due to the request to remain anonymous, we have elected not to add all EVPs that were captured at the home, but we captured about 20 of them.


"Albert, I Love You"

We captured an EVP during set up in the son’s room that says “Albert, I love you”. The home owner said no one in their family is named Albert.

"Girl Humming"

In the game room, we captured a long EVP of a little girl humming. You can hear it 3 times.

"Woman Humming"

Back in the office, we captured a woman singing. We don’t know if it is related to the little girl’s singing


In one of the daughter’s rooms, you hear a voice mock one of our investigators. He says “it’s gonna open” then the EVP say “open” then the other investigator say “oh nice”.

"Do Not Touch It"

This is our favorite EVP that was captured, and we also got on video which will be right below this EVP clip. In the youngest daughter’s room, they kept some old dolls from a great aunt inside the closet. We decided to use them as a trigger item (an object that might get a spirit to communicate if they have ties to it) and put them on the bed during the investigation. One of our investigators says “I’m playing with your dolls” and you hear the reply of “do not touch it”. When we played back the EVP during the reveal, the home owner confirmed it was her great aunt’s voice.



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