Undisclosed Arkansas Museum

We were honored to be able to investigate a historical museum in Arkansas. Due to privacy reasons, they have asked us not to release the name of their location.

There are several buildings on this museum’s land and EVPs might be listed as Building 1, Building 2 etc.


"No We Don't"

In Building 1, you can hear an investigator talking, then a VERY low whisper say “no we don’t” then another investigator replying to the first.


Building 1, an investigator asks if anyone is there, and you hear a sing song type of reply.

"Did you see her coming?"

Walking between some of the buildings, around the :13 mark you can hear a faint whisper say “did you see her coming?” During this time one of our female investigators was walking through.

"Get back here” “Yeah I got another one” “Sad… so sad"

In building 2 there are 3 EVPs in this clip and might take some deep listening to hear them. A few of us were sitting around in a large room and the first EVP sounds like “hey get back here” or something about “back here”. Right after that another EVP says “Yeah I got another one”. You hear some investigators joking around about the sounds their shoes made outside and it being squishy, so they emulate that sound. Then you hear the last EVP say “Sad…. so sad” and investigators talk after that.


Still in building 2, we caught some creepy laughing.

"Get Out of Here"

Building 2, a voice seemingly tells us to get out.


We entered into Building 3 and had just started to sit down and get ready. You can hear a very weird laugh.

"I Got Swimming Attire"

In Building 3, we were talking about the type of equipment we brought into the room. This building used to be a store in the 20s, and you can clearly hear a man say “I got swimming attire!” Maybe he was trying to join in on the conversation and let us know what he had with him, too. Keep in mind, they were rarely called swimsuits in the 20s, and were referred to swimming attire.

"No Wada"

Still in Building 3, we captured an EVP saying “no wada” or something similar. The only thing we can find online is it might be Cherokee for “no thank you”.

"Shave and a Haircut"

Building 3. Everyone knows ‘shave and a haircut’ right? Well so do the dead, apparently. Take a listen.


A little background on this one in Building 4. One of our former investigators’ husband had passed away a week before and they had came to this museum right before he died. We were surprised she wanted to come, but thought since they had visited the museum, she might be able to contact him. His name was Larry, and her name was Becca. You can hear one of our investigators ask why he threw something at Becca’s car, and you can hear what sound like a male voice laughing, like he thought it was funny he was throwing something at her car.




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