Undisclosed Kansas Science Center

We were called in to this science center in Kansas where activity had been reported for several years.


"That's Me"

This one is a little hard to hear so make sure your volume is all the way up. There is a cracking noise and a voice immediately after that says “That’s me”.


One of our investigators asks if any spirit could make a noise for us and it told us no.

"I Wanna Go Home"

This spirit had a direct message they wanted us to hear.


Two of our investigators were talking about our laser grid pen that we had set up to detect motion, and how it reminded them of the stick on stars you put on your bedroom ceiling when you’re a kid. A spirit decided they agreed with us.

"Footsteps and Sobbing"

In the background you can hear our spirit box running. One of our investigators asks what their name is, and all we got were footsteps and the sound of a woman sobbing. This was an EVP, not a voice through the spirit box.


We don’t know what this means, but it sounds like “burly” or maybe a name such as “burleigh”.

Spirit Box

"Sure" and "Funny"

The reply we got on this spirit box was pretty funny!

"Not Yet"

One of our investigators was asking a spirit if it needed help crossing over. Their reply was clear.


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